Thomas was born in 1986 in Chamonix, France. He quickly developed a passion for performing, and did theater throughout his youth. When he was eight, he fell out of a tree and thought that was "pretty cool". At eighteen he discovered circus and decided that he would never become President like his mother had always hoped.


At first Thomas specialized in unicycle, but he quickly realized that falling down was what interested him most. He began the training program at the Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque de Chambéry and changed his discipline to pratfalls and chinese pole, where the possibilities of falling down are endless. The following year he was accepted to the Ecole Superieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC), where he began working in a chinese pole trio with two other students (two, not three, otherwise it would be a quartet).


He graduated in 2009, safe and sound.

After various experiences throughout Europe, he decided to start a solo career (all alone this time), and joined various companies and collectives (solos of several people), he dances, he sings, he climbs, he runs and decided that eventually, he will become a superhero... Oh yeah!

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